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Happy Friday! We reside in exciting occasions, purse enthusiasts, because we’re approaching Monday’s celebration of National Handbag Day! We thought it might be fun to go to and revisit a lot of our favorite fabulous bag threads around the PurseForum. National Handbag is October 10, and even if you’re away from the U . s . States, please celebrate around.

PurseForum continues to be fortunate to become visited by a few remarkable handbag collectors through the years. Most of us have been fortunate to look in to the closets of aficionados of numerous brands, and a few have shared truly spectacular photos around. Hopefully you like this pre-NHD replay of probably the most memorable reveals around the Forum.

In Dior, Kellyng has generously shared her love of the trademark in lots of threads, so we particularly loved her assortment of Dior Samourai 1947. This bag is available in several styles, and we’ve been lucky to determine a number of them close up and private because of Kellyng.

We don’t think anybody who has existed the PurseForum forever, especially fans of Hermès, could ever forget Angel2307 and Mr. Froggy’s reveal of Angel’s magnificent Jaune Birkin 35. Angel2307 had a significant collection, so we all loved seeing her amazing photographs. This ultra-rare Birkin would be a treat, and it is still one we seldom place around the PurseForum.

Another unforgettable member, ilovemylife (and who wouldn’t?) was gracious enough to consider us along on her behalf world travels, which often incorporated some bag shopping. We particularly loved this trip to the The maldives, and, obviously, the number of rare, splendid new bags that came home together with her, including this eye-popping lizard Birkin.

Pursebop hasmade quite a name for herself around the web for her fabulous photographs of some of the worlds most coveted bags. She has also bopped through many of our subforums but is most often found in Chanel, where her reveals are definitely show-stoppers. This tennis-themed reveal from a few years ago stuck with us, and we thought it would be fun to revisit.

Here is another Chanel reveal from PurseBop, who really knows how to get our attention!

We also recalled a wonderful “mass reveal” of the very special 2010 collaboration between our PurseForum members and Bottega Veneta, which resulted in the creation of one of the most beautiful Knot bags we have seen to date. Several members ordered the stretch karung Knot and shared them here. This is bags4fun’s lovely piece, but there are several more in the thread.

Our Handbag Showcase is how our people share all of their collections, so we enjoyed gathering a couple of of the greatest ones for you personally now. Case a little sampling, so we greet you to spend time going through the rest. Touwei shared her “Decade of delightfully dodgy impulse control” lately, which is just part of her wonderfully varied collection.

A lengthy time ago of old, when PurseForum was only a baby and National Handbag Day merely a twinkle inside our eye, star3777 grew to become part of our happy group andgave us a peek into her amazing life. Her collection thread still stands as one of the most popular threads on the Forum, even though she has gone on to other things. Enjoy.

Another member that has been with PurseForum because the beginning of your time is CeeJay, who lately updated her Balenciaga collection thread, also is a really helpful reference for Bal colors and styles, such as this scrumptious Blue Return on investment Part-time. Thanks CeeJay!!

We thought it might be nice to shut with this particular luscious vintage Coach Bag from 1975. This bag comes from the Vintage/Classic Coach thread and is associated with purse-cursed, who thought it was around the resale market-a lucky find, as she which bag share exactly the same birth year.

Regardless of what your taste or budget, there’s a bag for you personally. And, if you value bags, you’ll always find like-minded souls in the PurseForum. Even though it is great to determine purses with prices within the stratosphere, so we love our people who share all of them with us, we truly love all bags in the PurseForum, and welcome both you and your collection, whichever bags have stolen your heart. Help you in a few days!

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